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General Practitioner in Oslo

Information in English

In order to protect us and our patients we ask all persons with respiratory problems, recent history of travel or contact with a person in isolation not to come directly to the office, but call 24022437.

General Practitioner

Hossein Banitalebi is General Practitioner (fastlege) working in Oslo.

To book an appointment call: 24022437. It is preferred that you change your fastlege to him, but you can still book an appointment if you don’t have a fastlege or your fastlege is someone else.

Here is how to change your fastlege

For adults having a Norwegian personnummer and Bank-ID or Buypass card, use the link below:

Log in from the top of page using your Bank-ID, choose Oslo, bydel Grunerløkka, and Hossein Banitalebi , them choose “Bytt»

You can also rearch by name.

In order to choose a fastlege for Children, and adults without a personnummer or Bank-ID you can call Helse Norge  at 23327000


Dr Hossein Banitalebi is specialist in Pediatrics and General Practitioner (fastlege). If your child needs a Second Opinion and is not on his list, you can still book an appointment or get a referral from your GP.

Health Certificates

Book an appointment for Health Certificates for seamen, Offshore, professional and hobby Diving and Driving License